How It Works:

High-end luxury retailers in the past would destroy products that did not sell as not to tarnish their name in the eyes of their high-end clientele. This practice came to an end in the early 2000’s as e-commerce became an avenue for luxury retailers to sell their merchandise “without fear of diminishing the luxury status of their brand,” says Bornn who worked as a buyer at Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace and Barneys before becoming a retail analyst. Furthermore, according to FSP a Retail Business constituent the European outlet industry sale rose by 51% from €11.5bn in 2013 to €17.3bn in 2017. The industry of discount fashion is a growing one and with e-commerce now on the rise, it is bound to proliferate.

Source: Yahoo Finance 2015


"Among the many problems facing today's retail market, the unsold stock might be one of its biggest handicaps' and that is in the USA along 'estimates indicate dead inventory is costing the USA retail industry $50 billion a year" 



The Authentication Process:

When it comes to designer goods, Antoinette is committed to keeping it real. Authenticity is of utmost importance to us and we only sell authentic goods. Our team is dedicated to making your online pre-owned and new luxury shopping experience as worry-free as possible.  All our luxury designer items go through a strict Authentication process. The items are first inspected by our seasoned in-house team members for signs of accuracy including date codes, holograms, serial numbers, and craftsmanship. Next, the items are then certified by third-party professional authenticators.
Antoinette takes the hassle out of new and pre-loved shopping with our authenticity or money back guarantee. Shopping for vintage and pre-owned luxury items isn’t easy and nothing will ruin your day faster than finding out an item you purchases that you thought was authentic is actually a fake. Our experienced authenticating team checks every detail meticulously and we stringent vet everyone we buy from. We compare codes, sales catalogs and thousands of images from our own archives paying close attention to characteristics such as label, fabric, stitching, hardware and authenticity stamps. We also assess the workmanship of an item and the materials to ensure every piece we sell is 100% consistent with the manufacturer's established standards of quality.
“Fashion enthusiasts, helping fashion enthusiasts”  
Counterfeit Items:
Antoinette does not accept any unauthentic or counterfeit merchandise. If an item is determined not to be authentic, it will be forfeited by the consigner and destroyed.  
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