Toronto Pop-Up Boutique Recap

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re both an avid online shopper and in search of clothing that you probably can’t acquire through normal means. Such clothing includes everything found in our shop’s online store, in addition to items that could only be found in person at Antoinette’s pop-up boutique back in June. 

Held at 156 Augusta Ave, located within the heart of Kensington Market, Stefan and Levi brought out the best of Antoinette (Almost all of it) in an accessible way in order to ensure that customers left with both great clothing and the satisfaction of knowing that no one else managed to snatch that particular piece before you did.

The pop-up event lasted for one week, with each day bringing about new styles and grails to appease everyone, from the avid collectors to the hypebeasts to the “take a picture of how cool I look” crowd. In addition to a selection of clothing that puts my closet to shame, those in attendance helped elevate the event from simply being another consignment pop-up, instead of becoming a social gathering of like-minded individuals who can appreciate fashion beyond their own sense of style.

With clothing designed from the likes of Rick Owens to Hedi Slimane to Valentino, the pop-up catered to the many different styles that make up the current fashion scene. Whether you preferred to dress in a predominately black ensemble stemming from avant-garde or like a rocker from the ‘70s wearing leather jackets in the summertime, Antoinette offered all that and everything in between.

That said, the pop-up was more than simply a display of contemporary styles and designers, as it even featured older high-end and streetwear pieces that most people might not even remember existed. Thanks to the many collectors who collaborated with Antoinette, several never-before-seen pieces made their way to the pop-up, the likes of which included very rare Japanese streetwear ranging from OG A Bathing Ape and OriginalFake, designed by NIGO and KAWS respectively.


All in all, the pop-up event was beyond successful and left all in attendance satisfied with their purchases, including those who simply showed up to support the event. But don’t take it from me, instead, read the following testimonies from actual attendees regarding their involvement and their experiences. Right, I forgot to mention; I, unfortunately, couldn’t attend myself due to work circumstances. The irony.

August 29, 2018 by Rony Aleman

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